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Trion Worlds' Voxel-Based MMO - Trove

According to the developer Trion World, the blocky free-to-play online game Trove is inspired by Minecraft, a wildly popular 8-bit building title that published by Microsoft. Trove takes advantage of Trion's infrastructure for MMOs that has been used for multiple games, and it has some features that Minecraft doesn't have.

Trove has features such as persistent loot, different kinds of pixellated blocks, and a single shared environment for everyone. You can start out in the main hub world and then split off into smaller worlds. The entire world can be modified as you wish. It is a “sandbox” world.

The title has fast-paced melee combat and shooting. You can switch character classes if you like and craft your own private spaces within the world. You can go back to locations, known as cornerstones, where you store all of your loot or just explore places that others have built. You can lead joint missions where you can smash lots of treasure chests and collect loot.

A musician created a music world with blocks made of musical notes. You can speed along through it and make music or do a weird disco dance on a flying-carpet-like device.

In other parts of the world, you can go into a Sky Realm with Sky Hunters. Your characters are highly customizable, and you can level them up. You can change your face, hat, and weapons. You can upgrade those weapons and add special abilities. You can also get a mount to help your character move around quickly.

Trove is the result of the idea of putting a real RPG, with RPG mechanics, into a voxel engine. As we see, Trion keeps adding features after the game launched.

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